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Courtney Thomas

Courtney Thomas

Name: Courtney Thomas
Age: 16
Year of the Fix: 2017
Location: Daventry, Northamptonshire
Campaign: To show that creativity can help you get through the toughest challenges in life

I was badly bullied at school. It got so bad I started to self-harm and I tried to take my own life.


I was feeling very low but then I discovered creativity. 


First it was writing about my experiences, then drawing pictures. Recently I created some dramatic scenarios on the theme of bullying and how to overcome it.


At one point, when I thought I might start self-harming again I got my pencils and paper out and drew a picture of an arm and drew cuts on it instead.


I would be happy if at the end of the day, instead of people going down a dark path, they go for a more creative way to express how they feel instead of the negative ways of dealing with it. It could really help you because it really helped me. 

The following people supported me with this Fix: 


Jane Scheuer 

Alicia Warren

Tibian Rae

Ellie Evans


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