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Jack Davis

Jack Davis

Name: Jack Davis
Age: 22
Year of the Fix: 2017
Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire
Campaign: To encourage grieving fathers to ask for help

My partner and I lost two baby sons - Joey and Tommy. 


There's no way of explaining the magnitude of how hard it hits you. It broke me. 


I felt the attention went more to Leanne, which is understandable. As a woman she carried the children and she had a lot more physical damage. 


But men can hurt too - they can feel pain and cry and that needs to be made alright. I wish that I’d been asked how I was doing more and told I could talk and open up. 


I want to show that men can feel pain and cry too and shouldn’t be stereotyped as tough. It’s not any less manly to show emotion, because you’ll never go through anything harder.


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