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Jodie Broadley

Jodie Broadley

Name: Jodie Broadley
Age: 26
Year of the Fix: 2017
Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Campaign: To show how serious Body Dysmorphic Disorder is

I was diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) two years ago and I've made a film to show how serious it can be.


There are times when I bring my condition up and nobody’s heard of it, which saddens me. 


I'm a body artist so I wanted to paint a picture of the condition to show how it feels. I’ve painted the broken heart, to show how painful it is, a knot in the stomach to show how anxious it makes you and scars to portray the hurt you cause yourself.


It’s all linked in to the feelings you have when you’re body dysmorphic. Explaining it in words is hard for me, but painting it and making it visual shows people how awful it actually is.

The following Fixers helped me with this Fix: 


Amy Smith 

Lily Hull

Danielle Hyatt

Ben Schofield

Rhianna Dunnett

Jake Rogerson

Esme Dean

Ana Micaela Martins Kumanlal

Ceejay Patindol

Beth Bradshaw

Owen Bares 

Ryan Thomas 

Robyn Draycott

Savannah Cougill-Barbosa

Rhiyanna Razey

Georgia Ramsey

Hannah Phillips

Zeynab Mehmood

Georgia Linsky

Krystal Duffy

Jane Cardall

Shania Parsons

Niamh McQuillan

Courtney Jones

Caitlin Horner

Natasha Barker

Alexandra Andrada Oancea 

Asseya Mughal

Chloe Liburd

Hafiza Kalam

Megan Burke

Robyn Best

Vanessa Balcenova

Jenny Billington

John Davies from Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust supported me with this Fix. 


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