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Zishi Zhang

Zishi Zhang

Name: Zishi Zhang
Age: 18
Year of the Fix: 2017
Location: Stamford, Lincolnshire
Campaign: To encourage young people to vote

I don't think there are enough young people who are willing to go out and vote, and as young people we are not listened to enough. 


If young people aren't given a say, they're almost being treated like they don't exist. Many have burning questions that they want answered and opinions they want expressed - if we vote then the Government will put more effort into the issues that affect us, like youth unemployment. 


If there are enough of us voting then our demographic will be taken more seriously. 


I made a film with Fixers to send the message that we can bring about positive change in society.

The following Fixers helped me with this Fix: 


Yasmin Morgan-Kay

Isaac Pyne

Jake Morling

Jacob Hings

Archie Roberts

Elena Newell

Zac Treweek

Krista Benedikz

Charlie Fardon

Harry Foster

Grace Brigden

Isabella Ellis-Alexander

Scott Curtis

Zoe Parkes

Amalie Meadwell

April Moon

Junard Ahram

Afreen Mohmood

Maria Sarmeen

Kibraya Rani

Sameera Khan

Ceila Kubaaisi

Mimi Haque

Heather Dickinson

David Hammond

Bethany Moorend

Madalina Uie

Alexa J Smith 

Alexander James

Alex Burgoyne

Chris Albas-Martin 


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