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Ashley Alphonso

Ashley Alphonso

Name: Ashley Alphonso
Age: 21
Year of the Fix: 2017
Location: Leicester, Leicestershire
Campaign: To encourage young people not to give in to peer pressure

I saw violence all the time when I was growing up in South East London. I'd see fights on the way to school and people getting bottled in the street. 


People can get drawn into a life of crime because of peer pressure, or because they're looking for a sense of belonging or think it's the best way to protect themselves. 


I wrote a song with Fixers because I want to encourage young people not to feel like they need to be something they're not. I saw a lot of young people getting involved in gangs and crime because they wanted to be perceived as a certain type of person, but it's okay to just be yourself. 


I also wanted the song to show you shouldn't look down on people who end up in that situation - we're all from the same area and it could have happened to any of us. 



Affinity Sutton 


Affinity Sutton, one of the largest housing associations in England, is backing our campaign.


With over 57,000 homes and a 100-year history, the charitable organisation is working in partnership with Fixers to help support young people across the country to address the issues they want to fix.




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