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Stefan Clarke

Stefan Clarke

Name: Stefan Clarke
Age: 21
Year of the Fix: 2017
Location: Ballymoney, County Antrim
Campaign: Challenging patronising attitudes towards people with learning disabilities

My campaign is about challenging the negative and patronising attitudes people often display towards people with learning disabilities.


I have learning disabilities myself and I am involved with a community support group. Often when we are out and about in the local community, in shops, on public transport and so on we are viewed with suspicion, avoided or patronised.


Our Fixers resource is a short film which highlights different things that each of us in the group do in our daily lives. 


We want to show that although there are things that we can’t do, there are plenty of things that we can, and do, do well – just like everybody else - we are active citizens involved in things like recycling projects, working as shop assistants, and being friends.


We are playing our part in society – just like everybody else.

The following Fixers supported me with this Fix: 


Natasha Hill

Christopher McKee

Trevor Purdon 

Hayley Allen

Calvin Moore

Jamie Gault from A Bite Above and Andrea Morrow from Compass supported me with this Fix. 


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Fixer hero

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