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Harriet Davis

Harriet Davis

Name: Harriet Davis
Age: 24
Year of the Fix: 2017
Location: Lancaster, Lancashire
Campaign: To improve understanding of eating disorders

I developed an eating disorder when I was 15, and I relapsed during my second year of university. 


I have been in hospital twice for treatment - the first time for seven months and the second time for a year. 


Through being in hospital I’ve come into contact with a lot of medical professionals and I’ve experienced the way they interact with you and treat you – either as a number or as an actual person that they care about.


I know from first-hand experience that it’s important not to make people feel undeserving and like they’re a nuisance, and how much difference a kind and compassionate doctor can make.


I hope my Fixers film shows that not everyone with an eating disorder is going to be stick thin, and that it could happen to anyone. There’s not one specific type of person who has an eating disorder.

The following Fixers helped me with this Fix: 


Georgia Egerton

Caitlin Dimmick

Jessie Dickson-Evans

Alicia Deighton

Kirsty Baker

Kirsty Barr

Isobel Baddeley

Abigail Webb

Alisha Walker

Jacqueline Vu

Madeline Sweeney

Rebecca Price-Jones

Suzanna Hudson

Amy Hudson

Lydia Houghton

Eve Harrop

Daya Gill

Emily Gibson

Ellen Edwards

Zia Duncan

Chrinny Dong

Halla Cottam

Anatasia Cholakova-Periera

Caitlin Britton

Lucy Birch

Carmel Barwick

Megan Austin

Hannah Ashley

Comic Relief supported me with this Fix. 


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