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Jasmine Rankin

Jasmine Rankin

Name: Jasmine Rankin
Age: 23
Year of the Fix: 2017
Location: Taunton, Somerset
Campaign: To change employers’ perceptions of disabled people

I have a muscle-wasting condition called spinal muscular atrophy which means I use a wheelchair to get around.


As an experiment I sent out three job applications saying I was disabled. And three not mentioning my disability. All of the jobs wanted the same skills but the responses were very different.


The application forms I ticked saying that I had a disability I heard nothing from, and the applications I didn’t tick that I had a disability all offered me interviews.


I was half-expecting this response but it still disappointed me. I want prospective employers to see past my chair and look at what I’m capable of.


Fixers has been helping me get my message across. Just give us a chance. See the abilities that we have rather than the disability.

Richard Pitman, from Compass Disability Services, supported me with this Fix. 


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