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Marvin & Louise

Marvin & Louise

Name: Marvin & Louise
Age: 18
Year of the Fix: 2016
Location: Ipswich, Suffolk
Campaign: To change perceptions of young people who live in hostels

Our friends here in the hostel have told us that employers think they’ll be unreliable just because they live in a hostel.


One fell out with her best friend because her mum assumed she must be on hard drugs, living here.


We’ve both felt judged because we stay in a YMCA hostel. People seem to think the police are here all the time, that there’s drugs and violence. It’s just not true.


Fixers has helped us make a film showing what it’s really like living here and how young people can actually benefit from the experience.


Our message is - don’t be too quick to judge. We are not always unlucky to move in here.


Some people think you are but we all think we’re quite lucky living here because we have opportunities we have never had before.

The following Fixers supported us with this Fix: 


Cameron Hooper

Jordan Richards

Loni Fair

Sophie Watts

Charley Woolf


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Fixer hero

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