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Name: Thomas Smythe
Age: 16
Year of the Fix: 2016
Location: Witham, Essex
Campaign: To encourage people to have more respect for army veterans

My dad was a marine engineer in the Royal Navy. He risked his life for this country and has inspired me to follow in his footsteps.


Unfortunately, I think some people don’t appreciate the sacrifice our service men and women make.


I’ve heard some refer to them as murderers, which is very difficult for me to take.


My Fixers project encourages people to show more respect for our armed forces and understand the job they do.


I hope my campaign can increase respect among people from all walks of life so that we can learn to get along regardless of our differences.

I would like to thank Ella Haworth for helping me with this Fix.


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Fixer hero

Charity No 298643    Company No 2194957