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Name: Fatema Begum
Age: 16
Year of the Fix: 2016
Location: Oldham, Manchester
Campaign: To encourage employers to give young people with no work experience a chance.

Since turning 16 I’ve applied for many jobs, but I’m always turned away because I don’t have any work experience yet.


I feel like it’s a Catch 22 situation – you can’t get a job without work experience, but you can’t get work experience without a job.


I hope my Fixers campaign will persuade employers to give young people like me a first chance, so we can show what we’re really capable of. 

The following Fixers helped me with my Fix:


Stacey Henderson

Kauser Chy

Noman Baloch

Vanda Silva Jalo

Paris Rodgers

Sean Madden

Mustafa Mohammed

Brittany Love

Callum Prewer

Lucie Jowett

Ellis Cook

Jordi Williams

Nicola Brown

Alex Edge

Sarah Manchester Ward

Neea Powell

Raphael Ene

Mauric Wood

Craig Taylor

Tom Nutland

Amina Begum

Shanjida Uddin

Thasmin Chowdhury

Tajmina Shibli

Tajmin Begum

Afifa Begum

Ali Akbar

Anthony Marshall

Shah Fahim Ahmed

Jahangir Atom

Delwar Hussain

Leejay Roberts

Kamran Walker

I would like to thank Tom Nutland from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills and Lorraine Davies from Fizz Fashion for giving an interview for my Fixers film.


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Fixer hero

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