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Rachel Mc

Rachel Mc

Name: Rachel McElfatrick
Age: 22
Year of the Fix: 2016
Location: Ballymoney
Campaign: Stop self-harming

I was sixteen when I first started to self-harm. Initially I burned myself but I quickly moved onto cutting.


I was a serial self-harmer, cutting my arms, legs and stomach on a weekly basis.


Often I needed hospital treatment and would make regular trips to A&E.


Self-harming is an addiction. It hurt and I didn’t enjoy it but I couldn’t function without doing it.


I self-harmed for five years and I’m still trying to break free from my addiction.


With Fixers help I’ve created a friendship bracelet kit for other young people who are self-harming.


Friendship bracelets gave me a focus and distraction from the thoughts of cutting.


I hope other young people will also find solace is creating the bracelets and achieve something beautiful with their hands.


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