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Charlie S

Charlie S

Name: Charlie Sanderson
Age: 17
Year of the Fix: 2016
Location: Blackpool
Campaign: To help put a stop to hurtful comments made about young people in care

I went into foster care at the age of 13.

It was a really confusing time for me and I found it difficult to adjust.

My behaviour at school was affected and people would treat me differently because I was in care.

I’m now working with Fixers to make people think twice about what they say to young people in care, so that they understand how their hurtful comments can affect others.

Being a looked after child doesn’t make someone any less of a person.

I hope my project will promote greater understanding and respect towards other young people with experiences like mine.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with this Fix:


Aiden Dalton Letty Krebs-Levy
Aine Frith Lottie Jones
Chance Bonham Patrick Lally
Courteney Foster Peter Moore
Elliot Caines Philip Long
Georgia Blight Rhiannon Wright
Hannah Bowell Sean Cartridge
Joshua Grady Tasha Gray
Keenan Foran Tiffany McGawley
Kia Ivers-Woods  

Aspired Futures

Aine Frith, Carmen Conquer and Suzanna Williams from the organisation helped to facilitate our project and allowed us to use their building during the film production day.


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Fixer hero

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