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Name: Rae Richfield
Age: 22
Year of the Fix: 2015
Location: Haywards Heath, Sussex
Campaign: To show people how they can support sexual assault victims

My friend was sexually assaulted after a night out.


When she told me about it, I didn’t really know how best to help her.


You don’t know if you are going to do something that will cause upset and feel a little bit lost about how to behave.


I think I was able to help by just listening and carrying on as usual.


I made sure that our friendship didn’t change just because of what had happened.


My Fixers project is to help sexual assault victims get the best possible advice and support.


If my project can help others who’ve gone through such ordeals to move on with their lives, then it would be a positive.

Survivors' Network

Fabia Bates, Director of Survivors Network, supported my Fixers project. She provided an interview for the Fixers documentary.


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