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Name: Erin Hayhow
Age: 25
Year of the Fix: 2015
Location: Whitstable, Kent
Campaign: To raise awareness of aphasia

My dad had a stroke that left him with brain damage and a condition called aphasia, which affects the way he communicates.

Although he knows what he’s trying to say, the words he uses aren’t always correct. He mixes them up and this can be confusing.

I want to raise awareness of aphasia to encourage others to be more understanding and patient with people who have a communication difficulty.


Giving them the time they need to get their words out can make a real difference.

As part of my project, I've held an exhibition featuring a series of short, abstract films. They're representative of my dad's brain, his experience and the way in which he's had to relearn everything after his stroke.

I want to help make sure that my dad, and others like him, are heard.

Linda Kerley from Headway, the brain injury association, supports my Fix. She agreed to appear in my broadcast piece to offer further guidance on the subject of aphasia.

The Turner Contemporary, Margate
Staff at the gallery support my project. They donated space for me to host my exhibition.

CRATE, Margate
The team at CRATE have given me their backing. They donated televisions and DVDs for my exhibition. 


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