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Name: Neil Graham
Age: 23
Year of the Fix: 2015
Location: Ballynahinch, County Down
Campaign: To get young people playing American Football

I have been playing American Football since 2010 and I absolutely love it.


But it’s a shame that the sport isn’t really known about over here, which is something we want to change.


My team and I have helped to create a short film with Fixers, encouraging others to give it a try.


By raising more awareness about the sport, we ultimately hope to get more people playing the game.


Here is a list of Fixers helping me with this Fix:


Andrew Gregg

Andrew Marks

Andrew Wright

Chris McCallum

Darren Tweed

Jack Farndon

Jonny Martin

Matthew Booth

Matthew Vance

Michael Bradford

Mohamed Ramadan

Giga Training

Thank you to Lyndsay McVeigh for providing some footage for our Fixers film.


Belfast Harlequins

I would like to thank Steven Hutton for allowing us to use the ground to shoot our Fixers film.


The Belfast Trojons

All the young people involved on the project play on the team. 


October 2015

Since we launched the Fixers film, the response has been amazing. Here is what some people had to say:


'Neil's American Football film is very good. I like the way it shows people from all walks of life. I also like that it then went back to show the same people identify themselves as footballers and the position they play. It's seems as if football brought these people, from different walks/stages of life, together. That's what American Football can do. I particularly loved the music as it was aggressive and in your face - the way football should be! I've been watching American Football since I was a child. I've even been to London to watch NFL games. Seeing this film makes me want to go and watch the local teams and maybe even, if I can find the spare time, start playing!'


'This is a great film which will really help to promote the sport of American Football across Ireland, North and South. Hopefully it will encourage new participants in the sport as well as bring spectators to watch the existing league! in time it may help the league grow as the desire for teams in new areas builds. As a player, I can say that the film shows very well the type of people who can and do play American Football whether they are a student or in a full time job and it also gives an insight into the competitive nature of the sport. I love playing and watching American Football and I believe a lot of people will want to watch and play a growing sport that has something different to offer to the traditional and established sports already played in Ireland.'


'I'm a sports fan, but I would not consider myself to be a big American Football fan yet. Quite a few of my friends are though, and from watching the Fixers film I can see why. It does make it look very appealing.'


'I think Neil's American Football film is very good because it showcases, in a very appealing way, what is still a minority sport over here. Hopefully, as it is shared online, it will help to "kick-start" wider participation in the sport not just in Northern Ireland but across the whole of the UK and the rest of Ireland. The NFL already has a massive following in the UK. When you watch someone do something at the professional and elite level, some people can think ‘I could never do that'. Seeing this film makes people realise that sports, like American Football, can be accessible to everybody. If nothing else, bringing a new sporting option to people's attention will also increase the overall amount of people who play sport in the UK and Ireland.'


'As an American Football fan I think it's good to raise awareness that it is a sport that you can actually participate in Northern Ireland rather than just watch.' 


'A brilliant project!'


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