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Megan P

Megan P

Name: Megan Paul
Age: 20
Year of the Fix: 2015
Location: Magherafelt, County Derry/Londonderry
Campaign: To urge others not to make hurtful comments about a person’s appearance

I’ve received verbal abuse about the colour of my hair.

People have shouted ‘ginger’ at me out of their car windows and while comments like that used to hurt me, I’m able to deal with it now.

It doesn’t upset me. It just makes me feel awkward.

But there are people who would find that upsetting.

With Fixers, I’ve helped create a billboard campaign to encourage people to celebrate their differences and treat others with respect.

Nobody should be subjected to hurtful remarks about their hair colour or the way they look.

Timothy Hutchinson, Hayley Wilson and Hannah Graham are helping me with this Fix.

Q Radio Network
Justin McCartney, a presenter for Q Radio Network, supports my Fix. He agreed to speak about my billboard on his radio show.

Clear Channel
Clear Channel supported my project. They’re the outdoor advertising company that hosted my billboard.

Spring 2015
My Fixers billboard was displayed for three weeks in King Street in Magherafelt.

I received positive feedback about my campaign. You can read some of the comments below.

‘Ginja Ninja is an eye-catching campaign on an issue that many people might think is trivial, but one which can be all too real for anyone who has been made to feel different because of their hair colour. Well done to Megan for highlighting the issue.’ Justin McCartney, Presenter, Q Radio Network.

‘I've been aware of Fixers and the great work they do for some time now and this is an example of a seemingly innocuous issue that for those affected by it can have very serious implications. Well done Megan for raising the issue and well done Fixers for allowing her the opportunity.’ Suzanne McGonagle, Irish News.

'Megan is to be congratulated for highlighting an issue that seems trivial for some, but the reality is that often people with red hair are seen as legitimate targets for ridicule either in person or behind the cover of social media.  What might be perceived as 'a bit of fun' may in fact be anything but for the victim.' Naomi Long, Former MP, East Belfast.

‘Megan's billboard is brilliant. It really gets the message across that it's not ok to pick on redheads.’ Callum, 15, Magherafelt.

‘As the father of 2 boys who have red hair, I thought Megan's billboard was an excellent way of highlighting what is often seen as a trivial issue, but in reality can often be a serious issue.’ David Hutchinson, NRC, Magherafelt.


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