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Jordan O'Hara

Jordan O'Hara

Name: Jordan O’Hara
Age: 18
Year of the Fix: 2015
Location: Ballymena, County Antrim
Campaign: To urge young people to stay away from drugs

I’ve seen lives cut short as a result of drug abuse.

It’s incredibly hard to deal with losing someone in such tragic circumstances.

With Fixers, my team and I have helped create a poster campaign to highlight the potentially devastating consequences of substance misuse.

We hope it will encourage others to steer clear of drugs, so they don’t ruin their lives.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with this Fix:


Abigail Norris

Adam Wilson

Brandon Wright

Jai Timperley

Paddy Ward

Paul Toland

Terii Quinn

Police Service of Northern Ireland

The PSNI are supporting our Fix. They’re planning to use our poster. 


Ballyloughan Church

The Minister at Ballyloughan Church supports our project. We attend a youth group held at the church and also asked other young people there what they thought of our Fixers poster.

August 2015
We’ve shown our Fixers poster to young people at Slemish College and Ballyloughan Youth Club and have received some really positive feedback. You can read some of the comments below.

‘It's the quote that really works. Drugs do rob you of your future. I know people who have messed up in their GCSEs and A levels because they got caught up in drugs. I even know someone who lost a job because of it.’

‘The poster is pure class.’

‘This poster is what is needed in this area. We need more places like this youth club to give people a chance and more projects like this to make a difference.’

‘The poster is eye-catching. It really stands out.’

‘This area has a long history of drug abuse so it's good to see the young people in the club care enough to want to do something about it. The Fixers project has been good for them. It's allowed them to speak up and have their voices heard. To see the final poster and to know that it's already making a difference, by hearing some of the comments from other young people in the club, is really encouraging.’

‘Drugs are bad, we know that, but it's good to be reminded of the fact from time to time. This poster does that.’

‘Often anti-drugs campaigns are quite graphic so I think this one is very smart to be so understated.’


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