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Name: Myles Stretton
Age: 17
Year of the Fix: 2015
Location: Stirling, Scotland
Campaign: To help teachers better understand the demands on young carers

We’re a group of young carers from Stirling who want to raise awareness of the challenges we face every day.

We feel there can be a lack of understanding at school. Teachers don’t always realise how difficult it can be for us to balance our work with our responsibilities at home.

With Fixers, we want to help them understand how to spot when there’s a young carer in their classroom.

We’re not asking to be let off homework or to wander out of class whenever we like, we just want a bit of support and consideration.

Catherine Walker is helping me with this Fix.


Thank you also to Allie Ironsider, Antonia Gilrear, Cameron Nicolson, Charley Wilson, Glenn Riddell, John Fraser, Kyra McPhail, Megan Baxter and Ryan Bow who are outside the 16-25 Fixers age range but have worked with us on this project.

Stirling Carers Centre

Thank you to the Stirling Carers Centre for supporting us throughout this project.


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