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Name: Esther Lowery
Age: 16
Year of the Fix: 2015
Location: Holywell, North Wales
Campaign: To raise awareness of the ‘invisible’ illness, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS).

It’s a condition that leaves me in chronic pain and can make doing everyday tasks difficult.

My joints dislocate easily, I can have trouble eating and I often feel dizzy or nauseous.

But because my illness isn’t always obvious to those who don’t know me, I’ve found there are people who can be quick to judge. Some don’t believe that I’m ill at all.

With Fixers, I want to show that just because a medical condition can’t be seen, doesn’t mean it’s not real.

July 2015
My Fixers film was shown to a group of young people at Wrexham College. I received positive feedback. You can read some of the comments below:

Simon (16): ‘I thought it was a good film. It gave me an idea about the condition and how to identify someone with it.’

Zoey (18): ‘The film was very informative. It makes you realise that you don’t always see an illness until someone tells you about it.’

Josh (17): ‘I think it raises awareness about the importance of treating everyone equally.'

Tiah (17): ‘Esther really explained how she feels with her illness. It’s a good film describing what her illness means on a daily basis.’

James (18): ‘I thought Esther’s film was touching. It’s made me want to help and get involved in a project to raise awareness of something.’


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