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The AutistiX

The AutistiX

Name: The AutistiX
Age: 19
Year of the Fix: 2015
Location: London
Campaign: To show that people with autism are just as able as anyone else

We are The AutistiX – Jack, Luke, Saul, Jim, John and Michael – a rock band that got together back in 2010.

Three of us have autism and are determined to show that the condition doesn’t hold us back.

We hope that we're able to inspire others with our music by taking to the stage and performing.

We want people to realise that those with autism are just as able as anyone else.

Here is a list of Fixers helping with this Fix:


Saul Zur-Szpiro
Luke Steels
Jack Beaven-Duggan

The AutistiX
Jim Connelly
, John Duggan and Michael Zur-Szpiro are also members of The AutistiX and have supported our Fix.

Thanks also to Andy Steels and Susan Zur-Szpiro for their continued support of the band and our Fixers project.


Carol Povey, The National Autistic Society

Thank you to Carol Povey for appearing in our broadcast in support of our project.

April 2015

We held a launch event on 30th April at Proud Camden, London. Our band had the opportunity to play in front of around 60 people and we also screened our Fixers music video, which received some great feedback.


We are thankful to Fixers for helping us to share our message about the talent and potential of musicians with autism and other disabilities, and for giving us the opportunity to inspire people to believe in themselves and achieve their ambitions.


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