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Name: Kamari Romeo
Age: 22
Year of the Fix: 2015
Location: Camden Town, London
Campaign: To tackle the stigma attached to mental health conditions

I want to tackle the stigma attached to mental ill health.

There are many people that struggle with mental health conditions and we need to be more open about this and more understanding.

With Fixers, I ran a series of workshops, inviting people affected by mental health issues to come and express themselves creatively.

The workshops took place over an eight-week period in Islington and culminated in a poetry and spoken word performance, to allow others to see what we’d created.

Around 100 members of the public attended the workshops and from the first week it was great to watch people come out of their shells.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with this Fix:

Abigail Coniah Annie Rockson
Arata Baffour Emily Owens
Freya Espie Helena McCoy
Jamie Jackson Jacob Coventry-Peters
Lydia Grant Rebecca Moses
Sarah Swire Simone Dawkins

Simon Motie

Sophie Hickson

I'd like to thank the following people for their support in bringing my performance together:


Javier Fatou

Lady Lykez

Laura Acton

Lettie Nanbik

Lili Ming

Naechane Romeo

Sally Souraya

Sharron Preston 

Theo Afram

November 2014

My workshops were held in Islington over a two-month period and culminated in a performance event on Saturday 29th November. I enjoyed a fantastic turn out and some great feedback. You can read some of the comments below.

'This sent chills up my spine with the poems and I loved the singing.'

'Knowing that the artist included people who have experienced a mental health issue directly, as well as those who have experienced it indirectly, gave the performances an ambiguity and helped the audience focus on the content.'

'The workshops have really helped with my writing and provided good inspiration. It has helped with the performing aspect too.'

'Congratulations and well done. Mental health really is an anomaly. We're meant to be a certain way, but someone with a mental health condition is something else. In my opinion some of the greatest minds that ever lived thought in a different way and saw the world in a different light.’

'Curing people is not the answer, instead it's about accepting people. You wouldn't push someone out of a wheelchair and expect them to walk and say they're cured.'

'Really marvellous performance and I would like to thank everyone involved. The problem with mental health is within the mindset in society. Once that has changed people can become well again through love and compassion.’

'Thank you very much, what you're doing here is the principal work of changing the problems in society. This is a good place to express these feelings and then go out and make a difference. This is how we can make the world a better place.'

'The idea was to start a message and I think that's what we achieved. All the people that came got that message.'

'I thought it was brilliant. Absolutely incredible. The discussion after was really good and very thought provoking'

'Mission accomplished. He wanted to provoke those kinds of discussion and that's exactly what he did.'


Scroll down to see photos from the event.






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