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Name: Chris Harkin
Age: 17
Year of the Fix: 2015
Location: Larne, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Campaign: To show the benefits of an integrated education

The first time I noticed a difference between me and some of my classmates was at primary school.

Back then, I didn’t understand Catholic and Protestant, I just knew that when we did our first communion, only 6 or 7 pupils joined me.

I find it strange that in Northern Ireland many still harbour ill-will towards others just because they were raised in a certain way.

I now study at an integrated college and have gained a great understanding of different backgrounds and cultures as a result.

With Fixers, I want to show the benefits of this type of education.

My team and I believe that creating an environment of mutual respect from an early age is the key to bridging divides for future generations.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with this Fix:


Aaron Hamilton Michael McFarlane  Naomi Hamilton 
Adam Clarke Michael Arthurs  Natalia Johnson 
Adam Holmes Megan Mulgrew  Natalia Wronska 
Aimee Kennedy Megan Millar  Natassia Coney 
Alannah Scott Marcus McGrath  Nathan Atkinson 
Alastair Dempsey Lynn McKee  Neal Rush 
Alex Hancock Luc Roberts  Niamh McLernon 
Alisha McMaster Louise Goodwin  Nicola Robinson
Amie Reid Leah Moore  Owen Agnew 
Amy-Louise Simpson Leah Armour  Patrick Maguire 
Andrew O'Conner Lauren Patterson  Pauline Saribay 
Ashley Weir Lauren McArthur  Peter McCullough 
Ben Dunleavy Kirsty Adair  Rachel Barnes 
Caitlin Watterson Kieran Usal  Rachel Gordon 
Cára McErlain Kieran Thompson  Rebecca Mullan 
Carla Kidd Kerri Boyle  Rebecca Sloss 
Chloe Bradley Kellie Blair  Robbie Sweetlove 
Chloe Patterson Joshua Thompson  Ryan Toner 
Christine Phillips Josh Sloan  Saoírse Cunningham 
Ciaran McCracken Jordan Woods  Sarah McConkey 
Cristine De Sousa Jonathan Smyth  Shannon Craig 
Danny Quinn Johnny Chan  Shannon Pickering
Dave Hamilton Jessica McCready  Shea McLaughlin 
David Speedy  Jenny Black  Sheree McNally 
Davie O'Mahoney  Jenna Watt  Sophie Boyle 
Ellen Smyth  Jazz Geary Sophie Cowden 
Ellie Costello James Booth  Steven McLean 
Emma-Brooke Mullan Jade Hanna  Thomas Dixon 
Gemma Bradley  Jack Thompson  Thomas Parry 
Georgina Clark  Jack Brownlee  Tierna Laverty 
Hannah Bale Hollie McBride  Zekie Hamill 
Carla Patton Dylan Boyd Jordan Wilson
David Keenan Hannah Mitchell Rachel McIlvenna
Hannah Bale Hayleigh Dunning Rebecca Mills
Hannah Lennox Hayley Millar Sam White
Hannah McMeekin Henry Orr  

Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education

The organisation provided information for our Fixers project. Francis Donnolly, Senior Development Officer, agreed to be interviewed to appear in our broadcast piece.


Maine Integrated Primary School

The school have agreed to support and promote the campaign.


Spires Integrated Primary School

The school are supporting the project by providing information for our Fixers resource. 


Integrated Education Fund

The Integrated Education Fund have assisted us by facilitating workshops with young people. They've also offered advice to help with our Fixers project.

Slemish College

Staff and students at Slemish College support our Fix. We were able to film there.


Dolphin Fish and Chips

The shop provided food during our broadcast shoot.


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Fixer hero

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