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Claire G

Claire G

Name: Claire Greaves
Age: 22
Year of the Fix: 2015
Location: Pontypool, South Wales
Campaign: To show the reality of living with an eating disorder

When I was young, I'd often worry that eating food would make me sick.

People dismissed it as a phase at first, but as I got older, things began to spiral out of control.

I was eventually diagnosed with anorexia and depression at the age of 15.

Something I find quite frustrating is the way some people trivialise mental health conditions such as eating disorders - or think they’re somehow a lifestyle choice. They’re not!

It shocks me when people post pictures of themselves on social media looking emaciated, as if it's a competition to see who's the thinnest.

I’m now in recovery and I’m working with Fixers to show that eating disorders are real and not something glamorous.

Hopefully my campaign will uncover the reality of living with mental health issues, ultimately helping others to overcome them.

February 2015
I’ve had further opportunities to talk about my experiences and the campaign I’m working on with Fixers. As well as appearing on the BBC Breakfast sofa, I’ve also written a blog for The Huffington Post and a story about me appeared in The Mirror. Click on the titles to read the articles.

January 2015
I was invited to share my story on BBC Radio 5 Live. They were discussing a pledge that’s been made by authorities to stop detaining people with mental health conditions in police cells. The Minister for Care and Support, Norman Lamb, tweeted me after the piece aired.


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