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Name: Mark Ormerod
Age: 16
Year of the Fix: 2015
Location: Lancashire
Campaign: To challenge negative stereotypes of young people in care

I’ve been in and out of the care system since I was about three.

Whenever I’ve told people, their first reaction has been sympathy. They automatically think that my life must be awful – it’s not!

Nobody chooses to grow up in care, but it certainly doesn’t make you different or any less able than anyone else.

In fact, it gives many young people a sense of belonging - they know they’re not alone.

My team and I are working with Fixers to challenge the negative stereotypes that can be attached to looked-after young people.

We want to show that growing up in care doesn’t give people the right to judge you, or treat you differently.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with this Fix:


Kathryn Ormerod

Anthony Gayther

Bradley Wilson

Callum Griffin

Jade Nichol

Mishka Taylor

Robinn Brown

Sam Womack

Debbie Nolan-Plunkett, Children’s Services Manager at Barnado's, supports our Fix. She offered her expert opinion in our broadcast piece. 

Thanks to J.P Fishwick, Eveline Egerton, Jenny Grover, Matt Smith and Charres Brown for agreeing to be interviewed for the TV item.

Rebecca Wilkinson, Georger Dallinger and Bethany Hartley from the Children in Care Council, have also contributed to the project.

As has Samuel Richardson from LINX, an organisation that works with young people in the care system.


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