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Name: Darryl Emslie
Age: 25
Year of the Fix: 2015
Location: Belfast
Campaign: To encourage employers to offer more full-time opportunities

I know how difficult it can be for young people to find full-time work and I’m tired of hearing others say we’re lazy and not interested in our futures.

One of the things that is making it hard for those my age, is the prevalence of zero and low-hour employment contracts.

Not being guaranteed sufficient hours means no steady income, and this can hinder young people looking to do things like move out or learn to drive.

With Fixers, I want to encourage employers to offer more full-time opportunities.

Hopefully, young people will then be given a better chance to move forward in life.

East Belfast Mission
Gillian Young, an Employment Mentor for the Stepping Stones project run by East Belfast Mission, has supported my Fix. She was interviewed for my broadcast item.

Richard Moore

Richard supports my Fixers project. He agreed to be interviewed to appear in my broadcast piece, where he shared his experiences of unemployment and zero and low-hour contracts.

Nick Hardin
Nick supports my project. He’s the actor that plays the character ‘Goldie Handshake’ in my Fixers film.

Laura Ann Millar
Laura Ann supports my Fix. She provided us with a location to shoot my Fixers film.


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Fixer hero

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