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Simon L

Simon L

Name: Simon Lowe
Age: 25
Year of the Fix: 2015
Location: Weybridge, Surrey
Campaign: To help the police recognise and understand autism

I’m concerned that police interrogation of those with autism can lead to misunderstandings.

I have Asperger’s syndrome and I think that those in positions of authority don’t always fully appreciate the behaviours of someone on the autistic spectrum.

A lack of knowledge in this area can cause situations to escalate. For example, when a police officer mistakes a normal autistic tendency, such as avoiding eye contact, for a sign of guilt.

With Fixers, I want to help those in law enforcement to better understand those with autism.

They should know how to respond to a situation positively, to achieve the best outcome for everyone.  

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with this Fix:


Alexander Hutchings Alice Healy
Andrew Pratt Clare Davis
Conor Hannigan Edmund Goody
Evie Vocking Graham Staunton
Jake Brice Nigel Sharland
Sam Booker  

National Autistic Society

The team at the National Autistic Society support our project. Howard Childs helped organise a group of young people to take part and featured in our Fixers film. Julie Tripp also appears in our resource.

Hampshire Constabulary
The police force support our Fix. PC Darrel Cox agreed to appear in our Fixers film trying to identify which of a group of young people had autism. Inspector Huw Griffiths, the mental health lead for Hampshire Constabulary, also appeared in the video. He discussed the introduction of an autism action card and app.

January 2015

I delivered a presentation and showed my Fixers film to students at Brooklands College in Surrey.

A lot of the young people who were in the audience are interested in pursuing a career in the police force, so I was able to offer them guidance on how to communicate effectively with someone on the autistic spectrum.  

I even had a student, who has grown up with a friend who has autism, approach me afterwards to thank me personally for my campaign.

The rest of the feedback I received was equally positive. You can read some of the comments below. 

Henry: 'This was very informative and it has given me a greater understanding of those with autism and Asperger’s.'

Cameron: 'The presentation was very good and as I want to join the police it really opened my eyes to some of the situations I might run into.'

Zac: 'I have high-functioning autism and your talk was really interesting. Thank you.'

Alex: 'The presentation was very clear, informative and helped me understand more about autism and how I can identify it.'


Fixer Simon Lowe presents his campaign to students.


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