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Name: Toby Jeffery
Age: 16
Year of the Fix: 2015
Location: Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Campaign: To discourage young people from smoking

I’m concerned about some young people's attitudes to smoking. Many seem to think it’s cool or rebellious and don’t realise how harmful it can be to their health.

I’ve known children as young as 12 take up the habit, and it’s something that can affect everyone, either directly or indirectly via second-hand smoke.

With Fixers and the rest of my team, I want to highlight the dangers of smoking and deter young people from lighting up.

I also want to help those who already smoke to seek the support they need to stop.

Toby French is helping me with this Fix.

Buzz Seager, Live Well Suffolk
The team at Live Well Suffolk support our Fixers project. Buzz Seager, a stop smoking specialist, who’s Event and Marketing Assistant at Live Well Suffolk, has agreed to be interviewed to appear in my broadcast film.

Thank you to Chloe and Nell who also appeared in my broadcast piece, offering their opinions on smoking to help me with my project.


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