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Name: 'Michael'
Age: 16
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Glasgow
Campaign: To highlight the impact alcoholism has on a family

I have lived with an alcoholic mother and know what it feels like to witness addiction.


My family fell apart because of alcoholism and I want other people to see how this behaviour can affect children.


With Fixers, I helped create a short documentary about my experiences to show others the lasting impact of excessive drinking and how it can tear loved ones apart.


Although there are obvious physical effects upon the drinker, the lasting emotional trauma on the family can be just as irreparable.


My message to alcoholic parents is that it is your choice whether you want to sober up or not. 


If you can’t sober up for your family, you need to sober up for yourself and by doing that you will be doing it for your family.


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Fixer hero

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