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Name: Katy Gaye
Age: 16
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Devon
Campaign: To show people the benefits of finding styles in charity shops

I’ve always been interested in fashion and I often felt that girls would get quite competitive when it came to the latest trends.


I find it’s hard to remain completely original and save money when shopping in chain stores and so – as I care a lot about expressing myself through clothes - I began looking in charity shops.


This method reuses materials so is also environmentally friendly as well as cost effective.


Charity outlets have looks that no one else will have for half the price, yet others look down their nose at them, because I believe they see them as inferior.


I’m putting on a fashion event with the help of Fixers to highlight the stylish outfits you can pick up in second-hand places.


Putting on my event for the younger years at my school, I hope it will encourage students to look at charity shops in a different way, before they get hooked on expensive high street brands.


I want to show others how much money they could save while still looking good.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Ben Francis Daniela Barreto
Daniela Macari Hannah Torocisk
India-Lily Coleing Jack O'Connell
Katie Menaghan Nick Holbrow
Nicole Allen Rachel Green
Rob Fitzgerald Sam Miles

St Cuthbert Mayne School

Thank you to St Cuthbert Mayne School in Torquay for hosting my fashion show in their main hall.

December 2014

I hosted a fashion show in the main hall of St Cuthbert Mayne School on the 3rd December.


The idea of the event was to showcase styles that I had put together from charity shop finds and highlight to students the trends that can be created for small amounts of money. 


It went really well and I enjoyed it. It proved a point, because most of the students who watched the show thought that the models were wearing high street clothes when they were actually wearing charity shop items. 


To accompany my campaign, I also created bookmarks with the help of Fixers for the young people to take away with them.


The show was attended by approximately 100 students who left some really positive feedback. You can read some of these comments below: 


'You couldn't tell the difference between the styles. It proves that you can look nice no matter how much you spend.'


'It was interesting to see that you can buy clothes from a charity shop that still look like high street quality.'


'It shocked us! It was very well done and interesting to watch.'


'It was a good cause and it definitely proved something.'


Scroll down to see photos from the event.


 Lead Fixer Katy (centre) poses with models at the event.


 The audience waits by the runway for the show to begin.


The models showcase the charity shop styles.


Lead Fixer Katy Gaye is happy with the show's success.


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