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Name: Carly Wilson
Age: 24
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Wrexham, Wales
Campaign: To raise awareness of the dangers of energy drinks

I don't believe that people are aware of the amount of health risks that energy drinks pose.


A lot of young people drink them to enhance their concentration without understanding their negative effects.


As well as contributing to obesity with their high sugar content, energy drinks have also been linked to type 2 diabetes, strokes, and cardiac problems.


These beverages are sold in shops with no restrictions and I find it scary to think of my own child having access to these products.


I am campaigning for an age restriction to be implemented on energy drinks and for young people to know the potential damage they can cause.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with this Fix:


Andrea Magno Annette Roberts
Ashleigh Davies Bethan Evans
Bethan Spendel Bethany Williams
Chelsea Roberts Chloe Meredith
Christopher Jones Eleanor Hodges
Ellie Batho Emily Parry
Emily Tydd Emma Peers
Holly Richards Ifan Edwards
Jade Evans Jade Wilson
Jamie Pumford Jared Williams
Jenny Owen Jessica Bartley
Jonathon Price Kaitlin Rowlands 
Karlie Crofts Katherine O'malley
Katie Evans Katie Poole
Keeley Hall Kirsty Hoare
Lauren Smith Lewis Griffiths
Lilly James Lisa Valentine
Lucinda Lewis Matthew Froom 
Melissa Davies  Natasha Ellis
Nikhil James Rachael Peers
Rachel Grover Richard Williams
Rita Santos Rowanne Dias
Sadie mills Sarah Butler
Shola McGrory Sion Blackshaw
Sophie Jones Sophie Roberts
Tea Macro Vanessa Krawczyk
Victoria Evans Vlaclimira Gembicka
Yoana Daio  

Alexis Prior, Nutritional Therapist

Thank you to Alexis for appearing in my broadcast, offering expert advice and supporting my campaign.


Coleg Cambria

Thank you for allowing us to film on the college campus for the broadcast piece and for organising students to take part in a focus group.


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