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Name: Conrad Tokarczyk
Age: 25
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Ruislip, London
Campaign: To help make the Underground more accessible for disabled people

Getting around on the tube when you use a wheelchair isn’t easy as only a quarter of London’s Underground stations have step-free access.

You might start a journey at a station that’s accessible, but there’s every chance you’ll face difficulties at the other end.

Without careful planning, a trip on the tube isn’t possible.

I’ve started a campaign to raise awareness about the limited accessibility on the Underground, and to call for politicians to place this issue higher on their agenda.

I’ve come up with a proposal, which with the backing of decision-makers, could see a public fund established to give businesses the opportunity to sponsor step-free access at stations.

With Fixers, I’ve helped to create a leaflet to spread the word of my campaign and my proposal.

I hope it will succeed in rallying support as improved access at stations could be of a wider benefit to our community - helping the elderly and parents with pushchairs just as much as those with disabilities.

November 2014

I had the chance to meet my local MP Sir John Randall in Parliament to discuss tube accessibility for people with disabilities. I spoke about the difficulties I and others with mobility issues face when trying to use the tube system, particularly when step-free access is not available.


I have asked Sir Randall for his support with my campaign to raise awareness and highlight to other MPs and key decision-makers the importance of upgrading the London Underground network.


I have also requested his help with securing a feasibility study for Hillingdon Station, to assess the cost of making it a step-free station, investigate the opportunity of securing local business support to cover the cost of upgrading the station, and to seek central government’s backing for the project.


Conrad outside of Parliament
Buildings in London

Conrad meeting with
Sir John Randall MP


My local council is also supporting my Fix and have tabled a motion to discuss my campaign and how the borough can improve step-free access at Hillingdon stations.


Go to Agenda Item 5 in the Hillingdon Council Cabinet Meeting Briefing to read more about that.


Conrad holding his Fixers Flyer


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