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Name: Gennifer Graham
Age: 19
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Stirlingshire, Scotland
Campaign: To support others affected by bereavement

I lost a close friend of mine when I was just fifteen years old.


The impact of this loss left me feeling angry, alone and unable to cope.


A lot of young people will also feel this sense of loss at some point in their lives and I want to make sure that they know how to cope healthily.


Using my personal anecdotes and suggestions, I have created a website where young people can go if they're feeling lost following a bereavement – to help them deal with their emotions.


I hope that my campaign will also be seen by teachers and other authority figures so they know how to be supportive.


Young people should know that bereavement affects everybody in different ways, but they need to stay strong and understand that it does get better in time. 

Thank you to Charlene McKellar and Lianne Miller for helping me with this Fix.


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