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Name: Dave Young
Age: 19
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Poole, Dorset
Campaign: To ensure that people with disabilities are given a voice

I have cerebral palsy, a condition that affects body movement and control, and means I’m unable to speak.

I use a sophisticated computer system that tracks my eye movements to communicate with other people.

But, because I’m mute and in a wheelchair, some people make assumptions about me.  They won’t speak to me, they talk about me as if I’m a child, and they refuse to make eye contact.

I want to urge others not to write-off people with disabilities.  Instead, let their abilities shine through.

I enjoy writing poetry and with Fixers, I’ve helped to put together a compilation of my work.

It gives an insight into my life, and I hope it will help people understand that although I may be mute, I still have a voice.

Here is a list of people helping me with my Fix:


Amy Hyland

Bradley Crack

Hugo Lucus-Rowe
Laura Hood

Caroline Hodges, Seen but Seldom Heard Project
Caroline Hodges, who has been involved in a project that challenges perceptions of disability through poetry and performance, has supported my Fix. She agreed to be interviewed to appear in my broadcast piece.

Poole Borough Council & Sandbanks Beach
Thank you to the Council and Sandbanks Beach for allowing us to film my broadcast piece on location.


Hugo Lucus-Rowe and Ramon Hansford
My friends Hugo and Ramon have supported my project. They appeared in my broadcast film.


Phillippa Young

My mum, Phillippa Young, has been supportive of my Fix and was interviewed to appear in my TV broadcast.


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