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Name: Aysha Shabir
Age: 19
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Middlesbrough
Campaign: To help more people spot the signs of child abuse

Child abuse is an extremely sensitive and serious subject, but we feel it isn’t discussed as openly as it should be.


Although my group and I don’t have any personal experiences with the issue, we see the horrific stories in the media and think something should be done about it.


A child may not always be able to tell you they’re being abused, so it’s on others to know what signs to look out for and to help.


We are working with Fixers on a poster campaign to bring the issue of child abuse to the public’s attention.


The hope is that victims will no longer feel that they’re alone and those working with children will be able to intervene at an earlier stage.


These young people need us, so it’s important that we do our best to get them out of harm's way.

Thank you to the group of young people who have helped me with this Fix. They have not been listed, because they have chosen to remain anonymous.

Nacro Middlesbrough

Nacro is a crime reduction charity and the branch in Middlesbrough strongly supports our Fixers campaign.

November 2014

With the help of Fixers, my team and I have completed our poster campaign. By urging people to report child abuse if they see or know it’s happening, we hope our project will raise awareness of this issue and help to keep young people safe. Click the image below to see a larger version of the poster.



On 25th November, we launched our Fixers project at Nacro Hartlepool and presented our poster to a group of students taking childcare related courses, leading a discussion on our campaign to encourage more people to report child abuse.


Approximately 30 people attended and the feedback we received was very positive.


Gemma: ‘The poster stands out, is very creative and gets the message across.’


Brittany: ‘Very helpful and very descriptive.’


Mollie:  ‘A really good poster to help raise awareness.’


A lady, who promotes C.H.A.T Confidential Help & Advice for Teens at Meole Brace School Science College for pupils aged 11 – 16, also got in touch requesting to use our poster campaign as a part of a workshop she does with the children on a weekly basis. There are 1,200 pupils at the school.


She says: ‘To all you wonderful Fixers. It is with your help, as young people speaking out, that we can encourage others to approach us for help, in any aspect of their life that they are unhappy or worried about. Be proud of yourselves for speaking out, for helping others and highlighting the dangers in our society.’


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