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Name: Maisie Jenkinson
Age: 22
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Worcester
Campaign: To try to tackle attitudes and behaviours associated with lad culture

In my opinion 'lad culture' is a real problem at universities.

It shapes the attitudes and behaviour of men towards women, and can result in sexist or misogynistic comments being dismissed as jokes or banter.

I’ve seen this lead to situations where female students feel harassed and unsafe.

Too often, people don’t think about the literal implications of what they’re saying – particularly when jokes are made about rape.

With Fixers, I want to show that these remarks aren’t funny or acceptable.

While institutions are beginning to address these issues, I want to help students realise that this can have a detrimental effect on their university experience - whether they're male or female.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with this Fix:

Alex Woods Amanda Lever
Belynda Peters Ben Hammond
Bradley Clarke Conor Pelan
Conor Ramsay Danial Arnold
Danny Hodges Darcy Howell
Elliot Hennessy Gavin Love
Graham Rolason Jack Ridley
John Major Josh Middlebrook
Joshua Young Kirsty Baxter
Kristy Philipps Liam Phillips
Lyle Kay Mario Mihaylor
Melissa Coyne Natasha Tura
Samuel Longville Serena Sharma
Sian King Susie Bannister
Tessa Walker Tom Marton
Tom Powell Vicky Flack

Sanctuary Group

Sanctuary is the UK’s leading provider of care, housing and community services.


The not-for-profit organisation is backing our campaign and working in partnership with Fixers to help support young people across the country address the issues they want to fix.


With over 94,000 units of accommodation across England and Scotland, Sanctuary believe that building strong communities and inspiring people to make a real difference is as important as providing them with a home.

Isabel Young, Gender Studies Researcher
Isabel has supported my Fix. She agreed to be interviewed to appear in my broadcast piece.


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