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Kate A

Kate A

Name: Kate Armstrong
Age: 20
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Bishop Auckland, County Durham
Campaign: To help young women feel safer when out alone

Troubled by the number of young women who are raped or sexually assaulted every year, I wanted to do something to help prevent incidents like this from happening.


With Fixers, I'm working on a rape prevention campaign and have helped design an emergency whistle for women to carry.


The goal is to educate others my age about dangerous situations that may leave them vulnerable to attacks and what they can do to protect themselves.


The whistles, which also offer information on where to get help or advice, act as an alert to let others nearby know when someone is in a difficult situation.


I hope my campaign will make young women feel safer when out on their own and will help them steer clear of any dangers. 

Rape Crisis, Tyneside and Northumberland

Thank you to Andrea Perrett, who supported our Fix by providing an interview for the ITV News broadcast story.


Pete Ahmed, The Prince's Trust

Pete supported our Fix by providing space and resources for our meetings to prepare this project. He also was very supportive of our ideas and made suggestions on the points to raise for our campaign.

September 2014
My rape whistle has been really positively received by people! You can read some of the feedback below:

Olivia (16) - 'The whistle is really easy to us. It's practical and doesn't take up too much room in your bag. I would find the whistle much less daunting to use than a rape alarm.'

Paula (24) - 'The whistles are a great idea and definitely worth having. They should be handed out in schools for young girls to access.'

Jo (21) - 'They're great for young girls to carry because they don't have all the pressure and seriousness of a rape alarm - so you wouldn't need to think twice about using it. They're so simple because to some people the idea of carrying a rape alarm scares them.'


I also received requests for whistles from a number of young people, who had seen my broadcast story. Others, including family, friends and members of the public, have also asked to have them. The response has been wonderful and it's great to hear that the whistles are helping people feel safer.



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